Don't Change - Chapter 2

“Seven Generals have come to your planet along with the leader of the Torran race, and millions of Cybots.” Saitx explains.

“Can’t the Earth’s military just do the work?” Joshua asks.

“No.” Saitx says.

“Why can’t they?” Joshua asks.

“While the Cybots weak points have been found, there is no way that the military can match the fire power of the seven generals. That’s why the group must be formed.” Saitx explains.

“If they are driven back, will the enemies ever come back?” Joshua asks.

“They haven’t behaved that way in the past. If a planet shows too much resistance, then they retreat.” Saitx explains.

“So, there will only be six of us?” Joshua asks.

“Yes. There were six chosen. Each of them are within the same age, and each had a longing to save the planet without regard of their lives. They each also put their lives at risk during the first wave of attacks.” Saitx explains.

“So, I wasn’t the only one?” Joshua asks.

“No, in fact, at the attack at your location, you fought alongside one of the other members of the group.” Saitx says.

“Amy?” Joshua asks.

“That is her designation, yes. How did you know?” Saitx asks.

“Amy and I met briefly after the battle.” Joshua explains.

“Ah, that explains why your thoughts often drift to her. She is one you wish to mate with as well.” Saitx says.

Joshua blushes brightly again.

“It’s not only that. My species doesn’t simply mate to mate and produce offspring. We do it as part of our relationships, and form emotional bonds to each other.” Joshua explains.

“Ah, I saw that in some of the historical visuals. I did not know what it meant. My species does not form families or emotional bonds.” Saitx explains.

“You said your species has their own problems, what did you mean by that?” Joshua asks.

“My species is in the middle of a population loss due to a massive illness. Our medical technology is not that good, and due to the lack of mating our population has decreased significantly in the past few years.” Saitx says.

“Why don’t you mate?” Joshua asks.

“Mainly due to the fact that the males in my species only can mate for a few hours every nine and a half years or so. The matings don’t take most of the time, and because of this, our population was already small.” Saitx explains. “The next one is three years from now, and though we’ve found a cure, and are administering it, the damage may have been too extensive to save our race.”

“So you only mate every nine and a half years?” Joshua asks.

“Yes, the next one will be my first mating cycle where I am permitted to take a mate, before that, I was not allowed because I was too young.” Saitx says. “It’s actually quite exciting.”

As she thinks of her upcoming mating cycle, her suit recedes into a small pentagon on her chest, leaving her completely naked. Joshua looks her alien body up and down. Her body was very much like a human. She had distinctive dark blue areolas with small nipples. She had no hair on her body what so ever, and her pussy was swollen with anticipation. Saitx looks down at her nudity then at Joshua who can’t seem to take his eyes off of her.

“I am sorry. The membrane uniform is psychically linked to me, and retracts to this state when my mind tells it to do so. I was thinking of the upcoming mating cycle and what it will be like, and it retracted.” Saitx says. “I can correct it to a normal state if you are uncomfortable with it.”

“No, I’m fine with it, I’m just not sure how Phil would react to seeing an alien walking around our apartment, let alone a naked one.” Joshua says.

“I shall take a hidden state if he shows up until you’ve prepared him.” Saitx says.

“Okay.” Joshua says. “That would probably be for the best, then.” He says. “So, tell me more of your planet. If your technology is advanced enough to make the membrane uniforms, why haven’t you found a way to correct the problem with the population?”

“Our medical technology was never developed to the level that it is on your planet.” Saitx says. “So we have not explored the options behind why the population is dwindling.”

“Well, let’s look at this logically for a second. How does your race choose a mate?” Joshua asks.

“When the mating cycle begins, the males are sought out by the females and we mate. It’s that simple. The closer the mate the better. Remember, I said it only lasts for a few hours.” Saitx explains.

“So, you just find a mate? It doesn’t matter who it is?” Joshua asks.

“No. Why?” Saitx explains.

“Well you said before that you don’t form families or bonds.” Joshua says.

“Yes. Is this a problem?” Saitx asks.

“Actually yes.” Joshua says.

“How so?” Saitx asks.

“Well, on our planet, we’ve set a group of general rules when it comes to mating. Our people have found that mating with close relatives causes problems in the gene line.” Joshua explains.

“Can you show me this information? Perhaps there is a way I can send it to my people.” Saitx asks.

“Yes. I think I can show you some of the information on the internet.” Joshua says

“In...Ter...Net? What is this? It does not translate to my language.” Saitx asks.

“I’ll show you.” Joshua says.

Joshua leads Saitx into his room, where he closes the door and locks it behind him.

“It seems that your culture is so different from mine.” Saitx says.

Joshua leads her over to an old wooden chair in front of a computer. He presses the power button on his computer, and it flickers to life.

“There are many cultures on this planet. We all live in peace with each other for the most part. I like living by the terms ‘live and let live’.” Joshua says as his computer boots into the operating system.

Joshua is running windows 7 on his desktop computer, though it isn’t to his liking it suffices for the most part. After it boots up all the way, Joshua brings up his internet browser.

“Hmmm… I think we should start with the basics and work up to the medical terminology. I know that the females of your planet seem to resemble the ones on Earth, but you don’t know much about the males on this planet yet.” Joshua says.

“I have observed you changing your membranes several times.” Saitx says. “And cleaning yourself. You seem to be similar to the males on my planet.”

“They aren’t membranes, they’re clothing… wait a second. You’ve seen me naked?” Joshua asks, a little bit panicked.

“Yes, after I would come close to you and contact you telepathically, I found a certain fascination watching you prepare for your day.” Saitx explains.

Joshua blushed for a moment.

“Well?” Joshua asks.

“Well what?” Saitx asks.

“Aren’t you going to say something like ‘The males on my planet are bigger?’ or something to make me feel inadequate?” Joshua asks.

“I would not say something untrue to you, Joshua.” Saitx says, looking at him.

“So am I bigger than them?” Joshua asks.

“Physically you are about equivalent to a male on my planet, however, sexually, you are better endowed then most of the males on my planet.” Saitx explains.

This makes Joshua smile, though he’s not sure if she’s just flattering him or not, he does like the compliment.

“Did you enjoy watching me?” Joshua asks.

“I did find it pleasurable.” Saitx says as she blushes, her cheeks turning purple.

“Well, I don’t see any reason to stay dressed then.” Joshua says.

Joshua pulls off his clothing, tossing it onto the floor by his bed, until he's completely naked in front of the alien. His cock is standing at full attention. Saitx licks her lips a little and looks up at Joshua.

“Your body is not all that different from our males. Though you have no pouch to protect your genitalia and you seem to have hair on you. I would more than be glad to mate with you.” Saitx says, blushing slightly.

Saitx blush makes her face turn a shade of purple. Joshua looks down between her legs, which are now spread, and sees that she is wet with anticipation. Joshua thinks about just taking her for a moment, and who wouldn’t in his situation? It had been a while since his last girlfriend, or his last fuck for that matter, and here was a naked woman, it didn’t matter to him if she was an alien or not, and she wanted to have sex with him. He clears his thoughts in an attempt to control himself from acting like nothing more than a sex driven teenager.

“Let’s not move too fast, I think you should learn a few things first considering you’ve never mated before.” Joshua says.

He stands behind her and reaches his arms over her shoulders. He types on the computer and soon a video displays itself on the screen. The video explains sex and reproduction but is short.

“That is essentially how we procreate as a species ourselves.” Saitx says after the video concludes. “Except the male’s penis will only exit the pouch every nine years or so.”

“I figured as much. Your body is giving off many signals to me that tell me that you're ready to mate.” Joshua explains.

“It does?” Saitx asks, trying to look herself over to figure out what signals he’s talking about. “I don’t think my body has any electronic components.”

“Um I mean visual signals, For Example…” Joshua says.

Joshua reaches up to her breasts and lightly pinches her nipples which are now erect.

“Your nipples are erect and…” Joshua continues.

Joshua reaches down and touches her pussy, he slightly dips his finger into her, and Saitx lets out a psychic moan. Joshua brings the finger he dipped inside her to her eye level.

“The wetness you have. You are wet enough that it is visible. This is a clear sign to any male in our species that your body wants to mate. Your body has most likely become sensitive in this state, and is more ready to procreate.” Joshua says.

“The males of my species do not look for such signs.” Saitx explains.

“That’s probably due to your mating cycle.” Joshua says.

Joshua types something on his keyboard again and clicks his mouse a few times.

“On our planet, as you can see, there is no mating cycle for males. Humans on Earth build relationships in order to mate, or if it is not an option, they pay money to mate, or if that is not an option, they can take one other route, one that does not involve another being. The only mating cycles are for females and only if we wanted to extend our population.” Joshua explains.

Saitx looks up at him.

“A way to relieve the need to mate without another? What is this way?” Saitx asks.

“Humans call it masturbation.” Joshua says.

“Show me.” Saitx demands.

Joshua types a little more and clicks a couple times until a video comes up, then he brings up a video on his computer next to it.

“So both males and females of your species can masturbate to relieve the need to mate?” Saitx asks.

“Yes.” Joshua says.

“Your culture is strange. Looking for companionship before mating... paying for mating... or self-mating... it is very odd.” Saitx says.

Though she criticizes what she's seeing, she doesn't move her eyes off the screen. She lets her green forked tongue protrude from her mouth and lick her blue lips. She begins rocking her hips against the chair as she watches, unsure of what to do with her body. Joshua feels like he is almost watching a little kid’s reaction to seeing this kind of stuff for the first time.

“For something so strange you seem to be enjoying watching it.” Joshua says with a smirk.

Saitx says nothing, as she just keeps her eyes glued on it. Joshua forces the video of the girl masturbating to go full screen as a male enters the shot and she begins giving him head.

“What is she doing to his reproductive organ?” Saitx asks.

“Sucking on it in order to stimulate it. It gives the males of our species pleasure. There are things the males will do to the females to pleasure them as well.” Joshua says.

“Joshua, I may be wrong by saying this, but I demand you show me.” Saitx says.

“Well, demanding is going too far.” Joshua explains.

“Then what should I say?” Saitx asks.

“I'll leave that for another lesson. For now...” Joshua says.

Joshua shuts off the video and has Saitx stand up.

“Are you sure you want to learn this first hand? I could supply you with plenty of visual and text based records for your convenience.” Joshua asks.

“No, I want to learn this now, and first hand. It intrigues me.” Saitx says.

“Alright.” Joshua says.

He leads her over to the bed, and has her lay down on it. He parts her legs and puts his head down to her alien vagina. He parts the lips with his fingers and begins licking her clitoris, causing her to moan again psychically.

“Oh. That is pleasurable.” Saitx says as she moans a little.

Joshua doesn't stop as he keeps going, slowly slipping his index finger in and out of her tight, virgin alien hole. Her hole, though apparently wet, is cool to the touch and the smell reminds him of lime Jell-O.

“Something is happening. I am not sure what it is.” Saitx says.

Before Joshua could explain, Saitx squirted, covering his face in her alien juices.Some of it dripped in his mouth, and the taste was not much different from the smell.

“That was odd, I have never heard...” Saitx says. “I do not know how to describe it.” She tells him. “I want to… I don’t understand the phrasing your mind is telling me.” She says as he stands up.

She sits up and without saying a word, she plunges his erect cock in her mouth and begins bobbing her head up and down on it, wrapping her tongue around it and licking it in any way she can. Joshua moans as she teases his member. She stops and looks up at him, taking her mouth off of it.

“Am I doing this right?” She asks. “I am new to your mating rituals.”

“Relax Saitx. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about the pleasure.” Joshua says.

“That is why I am asking. You seem to be hesitating but enjoying yourself.” Saitx says.

“Well I didn’t want to cum in your mouth, Saitx.” Joshua explains.

“What is this word…? Cum...? It does not translate into my language.” Saitx asks.

“Read my thoughts.” Joshua says before focusing on imagining what he would’ve done.

“Oh. You did not wish to spill any of your fluids if you were not trying to impregnate me.” Saitx says. “It is most admirable.”

“Wait, what? You want me to impregnate you? Is that even possible?” Joshua asks.

“I do not know, my species has never tried with another species before. So this is all very new to me.” Saitx explains. “There is no data of this type in our archives, but if it were to happen, I would indeed welcome the chance.”

Joshua is blown away. First she wants to have sex with him, and now she wants to get knocked up too. It was like something out of a bad fan fiction. He quickly shakes off the thought and bends down to eye level with her.

“Saitx, normally we, my species that is, only attempt to procreate with another if we are ready to start a family.” Joshua says.

“Joshua, I want to experience mating with you at every level. We do not know if our species is compatible to procreate, but I would like to make a point, your mind and your body is telling me you wish to mate and you do not have what is known as protection.” Saitx says. “So, to attempt to utilize some of your Earth sayings: We will cross that bridge if we come to it.”

Saitx grabs the back of his head and pulls Joshua into a passionate kiss. She pulls him back with her into a laying position on the bed with him positioned over her. He breaks away from the kiss.

“Saitx are you sure about this?” Joshua asks.

“I thought the visuals my body were giving off were clear. I wish to mate.” Saitx says

“I know that, but you are what my people call a virgin, meaning you’ve never done it before. It could be a bit painful.” Joshua says.

“Joshua, I wish to make another point clear with one of your earth sayings.” Saitx says. “Though I am not sure if the context fits.”

“Go ahead and try.” Joshua says.

“Joshua, mate with me now, or I will ‘kick your ass’.” Saitx says. “Was the context right?”

Joshua snickers and smirks.

“Yeah, it was fine.” He says.

Joshua positions himself at her entrance and slowly slides his hard cock inside her, causing her to moan until he’s fully inside her. He had done it, taken Saitx’s virginity. Her fluids as they slowly surround his cock, feel like a cool gel, instead of warm liquid and her virgin walls hug this new intruder. He can feel her vaginal walls adjusting to his size.

“Mmm... this feels pleasurable.” Saitx moans.

“Good.” Joshua says.

Joshua begins thrusting his hips against hers as he begins exploring her neck and chest with his lips and tongue. As he teases and fucks her, her pussy heats up, but still feels like a gel around his member. Before long he cums inside her, but keeps going. Her scent has become intoxicating and he cannot help himself, their tongues entangle again as she gets close to her second orgasm.

“I'm getting that feeling again.” Saitx warns.

“You're going to cum.” Joshua explains.

“Yes, Joshua. Release your seed inside me as I do, please.” Saitx begs.

Joshua began sped up his thrusts, and made them harder, and before long he could feel her clenching down on his cock, which made him cum again inside her. As he came, he stopped, enjoying the feeling of sending his seed inside this alien girl who had basically seduced him into mating.

“That was better than anything I have heard about mating on my planet.” Saitx pants.

“I hadn't planned on doing that with you... but when your suit retracted like it did, I just wanted it so much. Then while we were mating, your scent just drove me wild.” Joshua pants.

“Do you regret mating with me?” Saitx asks.

“Not for a second. Actually, I wouldn't mind mating with you again while you are disguised in human form.” Joshua asks.

“It would be possible. The suit reacts to psychic notions, so essentially, I could allow you access to my sexual organs while in disguise.” Saitx explains.

“Really?” Joshua asks.

He pulls his half hard cock from inside her hole. She reactivates her suit, and it spreads across her body before activating, hiding her true form. This time the disguise was in blue underwear with a matching bra.

“I was able to manipulate this form based on images in your mind. What do you think?” Saitx asks.

“Very attractive.” Joshua states.

Joshua begins tracing her hole with his finger, then shoves his finger past her panties into her disguised hole.

“Wait, Joshua! I should retract the suit!” Saitx says.

“Why? Would it ruin it to get your juices on it?” Joshua asks.

“No.” Saitx says shyly.

Joshua pulls his finger from her hole and traces her disguised lips to her clit and begins massaging it with his finger.

“So leave it.” Joshua says seductively.

His cock begins to get harder again as she moans psychically.

“No, this feels too wrong. It feels as if the suit is mating with me.” Saitx protests.

“But it's not, it's me. It's just acting as a barrier.” Joshua explains.

Saitx pulls him into a passionate kiss. Her tongue encircled his. He was obviously driving her body, which was in no way used to this kind of attention, nuts. He slips his hard cock back inside her disguised hold and she moans into the kiss. He can feel her retract the suit just enough to leave him unprotected and he can feel her alien pussy clamping down on his hardened member again.

“Please Joshua, I want more of your seed. Just let us enjoy this one last time. I know you are preparing for a regeneration cycle.” Saitx begs. “I just cannot express in words how wonderful it feels to have your hot seed trying to fertilize my eggs.”

This makes Joshua smile. The two spend the next hour making love before Joshua collapses on the bed next to her. During that time he had cum at least once more, and she had cum a few times more. She is laying on top of him now. She reaches out and takes his hand, smiling as the suit retracts to her natural state. He jerks his hand away as images begin flashing through his mind. He pushes her off of him.

“What the hell was that?” Joshua says.

“Is there a problem?” Saitx asks.

“I saw a watery planet, More of your people, and an attack on them by a strange species.” Joshua says.

“My home world, and its history. You were reading my mind. It seems that our intimate contact has given you some psychic powers too.” Saitx says.

Joshua is taken back, a bit surprised by this.

“Do not despair Joshua, We may be able to use this to our advantage. Tomorrow we will return to my ship and run some scans, but if we can contact the elders and exchange this information with them, they may be able to let us know what happened here. For now we should get some time in a regeneration cycle.” Saitx says.

“You're saying you're tired?” Joshua asks.

“Yes. Would it be alright if I spent the night with you on this soft nest object?” Saitx asks.

“Sure. You can sleep with me on my bed.” Joshua says half laughing.

With that the two of them curl up together. Joshua shuts off his lights and they go to sleep.

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Don't Change - Chapter 2